The Goondiwindi Emus bring home prized Risdon Cup

Goondiwindi’s Ben Dillon is still celebrating, along with the rest of the B Grade Emus, after they won a close, tough encounter against the Dalby Wheatmen in Toowoomba on Saturday.

In comparison, and in something of a surprise after recent close match-ups, the A Grade Emus had a relatively easy victory against arch-rivals, the Dalby Wheatmen 23-3.

The Argus ran into many of the Emus at Captains Mountain on Saturday night, including Goondiwindi’s hooker, Ben.

He’s the son of Emu legend Michael “Dillo” Dillon.

“Who’ll be celebrating more?” we asked Benny.

‘He’s too old to celebrate, so me,” he said.

We believe him, and don’t he and the Emus deserve it.

It’s been a sensational performance by the Club which could so easily have made it a three-sweep such is the depth and richness of talent.

The C Grade only just missed out on making the big day.

Downs Rugby’s James Bailey was on hand to record the matches.

In the B Grade the Emus were looking to continue their winning form against Dalby and win three in a row against the Wheatmen.

It was Dalby who slotted two early penalty goals to jump out to a 6-3 lead.

Before the Emus turned it on scoring a try to lead 10-6 at halftime.

The Goondiwindi boys were again next to score coming out after the break.

Ben Dillon scored his second try of the day.

A late surge from the Wheatmen saw them crawl back to within four points but it was too little too late.

Goondiwindi's Jack Pearlman was named the grand final player of the match.

The reigning premiers Dalby had a nightmare start to their Wagners Risdon Cup after turning the ball over almost immediately.

Emus Tom Jobling found the line out wide and the kick unsuccessful.

The Wheatmen hit back with a penalty goal to Dan Merker leaving the score 5-3.

Big hits and tough defence was a highlight with both sides applying large amounts of pressure to their opposition.

It was Harry Hawker who relieved the pressure for the Emus after a brilliant long range effort beating a number of defenders to get them out to a 12-3 lead at halftime.

Again it was the Emus who scored first after halftime with Will Gilbert slotting a penalty goal to lead 15-3.

It then became an arm wrestle.

No-one could break each others’ lines. Goondiwindi’s Yoni Meron was a standout, flattening not just the opposition but accidently wiping out the referee in one of his big hits.

Sean Cairns was brought on to make an impact and that he did pretty much sealing it for the Emus as he put on the after burners from 50m out and left a number of Dalby defenders in his wake.

The Emus had finally stopped the Wheatmen’s streak and finally got there after losing two in a row as they took home the Wagners Risdon Cup with a 23-3 victory.

Our thanks to Chris Meibusch from Bushy Photography.

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