Emus take charge

If we didn’t know the Emus have some of the best rugby union players in Queensland country rugby union, we do now.

The Emus dominated the South Queensland team which took part in Queensland Country Rugby Union championships on the weekend.

Emus Sam Tweedy, Jack Cook, Lachlan Tulloch, Harry Hawker, Will Gilbert, George Stacey and Jay Schulte were powerhouse members of the open side while dynamos Dan Cover, Joe Gilbert and Josh Tonkin made the Under 19 team.

South Queensland continued their impressive form and championship dominace, winning all games convincingly to claim their third straight title.

They defeated North Queensland on Friday night 20-12 and then thrashed Central Queensland 83-17.

Emu Sam Tweedy was full of pride after the victory and his club mates.

“They were all superb

“It was just so good to have seven Emus in the side.

“That shows all our hard work we are putting in at home is paying off.

“Hopefully we will have a few selected in the Queensland Country Heelers,” he said.

“That will really top it off.”

That shows all our hard work that we are putting in at home is paying off.- Emu Sam Tweedy

And it wasn’t only the seniors who celebrated.

The Under19s took out the the championships with a 33-7 win over North Queensland.

South Queensland won the contest in the final 20 minutes as it scored three converted tries from a 12-7 lead to win its first title since 2013.

Under 19 RESULTS:

South Queensland 47 def Central Queensland 17.

North Queensland 45 def Central Queensland 5.

South Queensland 33 def North Queensland 7.

The Emus take on the Bears at Riddles Oval on Saturday.

The C Grade kicks off at 12.15pm.

Class act: Pictured from left are Emus Lachie Tulloch, Sam Tweedy, Harry Hawker, Will Gilbert, George Stacey, Jack Cook and Jay Schulte.

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